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Other than feasting in Penang’s hawkers’ stalls, durian there are many other things to do in Penang Island such as sightseeing, street arts, beach activities and many more. Penang is a very popular destination even during the colonial time back in the days.

Till this date, there are many heritage places to see as once the British army use to rule the area during the war as Penang is one of most strategic place to transport good from east to west in the world. Well, let’s get started with the best things to do while in Penang Island.

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Penang hill

The Penang hill at 2664 feet tall above the sea level, it gives a beautiful panoramic view of the city with breath-taking, a cool breeze you will get an experience up there. At the top of the mountain, during really clear days you are able to see the mountain of Langkawi and North Kedah. It is suggested to stay a night in any Penang resort hotel at Penang hill to enjoy the view of Penang Island city.  

Enjoy breath-taking meals at Gurney drive

At Gurney drive, it is known for its hawker centre which is what Penang is famous for its food. Therefore, there are many stalls that are located at the seafront where you are able to enjoy the astonishing view of the sea.

Gurney Drive is one of the most famous streets in Penang Island, their many resort Penang Malaysia Gurney drive along the way. Furthermore, you can stop by at the Shopping malls where many international brands are in the mall.

The architecture around central Georgetown

In Penang, individuals are able to experience various heritage places in Georgetown. As Penang was one once under British sovereignty. A personal favourite is definitely the Penang city hall where its architecture has a colonial vibe to it.

Well, the majority of Penang’s people are the Chinese populations hence as a tourist you may experience old Chinese shophouses that are more than 8 decades ago. Aside from the blend of the colonial and Chinese architecture, there are many hotel and resort in Penang, temples, grand mansion and many other exciting places.

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However, one may learn more about Penang histories such as the state museum and art gallery as most of the history of the British and Japanese of Penang Secretariat was bombed and destroyed during the Japanese occupation.

For tourist’s who enjoy learning about the historical area, do stay and the nearest Penang hotel in Georgetown. Visit the Fort Cornwallis being the largest and most intact fort that can be seen in Malaysia.

Penang street food and hawker stalls

Malaysian people from the south or Singaporeans travel all the way down to Penang just to eat the Penang’s local dishes. The variety of Chinese, Malay and Indian dishes can be found especially Char kway teow, Nasi Lemak, Banana lead are the most authentic food in Malaysia. For food lovers who wish to taste a different variety of food, do book the best hotel in Penang island Malaysia where you can feast all sort of local dishes.

Head down to Penang Island beach

Do stay a couple of night in any Batu Ferringhi hotel to enjoy the many activities over there. Batu Ferringhi is known as many rich people who stay in that area as many big bungalows and mansions can be seen. Moreover, there are many best beach hotel & resorts in Penang Batu Ferringhi area such as many international, reputable and high rating resorts.

At Batu Ferringhi, do pay a visit at the Penang National Park where they have marked traits that leads to the jungle and bays area hence you are able to experience many different species of flora and fauna such as snakes, monkeys, dolphins and many more.

Penang hotel booking is much easier now especially with the convenience of the internet. At Batu Ferringhi, along the beach, it can be seen of many restaurants, café, bars, and night markets where it comes alive at night.

At the night market, there are several items such as fake designer items, local artwork, souvenirs and many more. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the morning cool sea breeze or the relaxing waves hitting the shores do it is recommended to book a beach resort with sea view.

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Communicating with locals

As Penang has one of the oldest heritage in the country, most locals are only able to communicate in local language either in Hokkien or Bahasa Malaysia. Therefore, upon arrival, if you are staying in a hotel in Batu Ferringhi beach you may communicate with the local bus or taxi drivers in Bahasa Malaysia.

A simple tip of saying in Bahasa Malaysia that the hotel in Batu Ferringhi, you may say hotel di Batu Ferringhi Pulau pinang as most of will definitely understand. Therefore, do enjoy the stay in Batu Ferringhi to enjoy the activities and site seeing.


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