Situations Where You Should Visit Fertility Clinic KL Immediately

Have you been trying to make a baby with your spouse continuously and yield no results? Before you give up and start to blame each other for the problem, you should probably identify what are the causes.

For baby and mom, that first hour after birth matters | Michigan Radio

Male age has been a crucial part of the fertility puzzle, many unexplained infertilities are found in men and the percentage is rising as time goes on. According to the latest WHO statistics, there are 50 to 80 million couples facing infertility worldwide.

For men, it is a bit more simplified as the problem mainly comes from the condition of semen. The parameters for analyzing the possible cause including the concentration, appearance, and motility of sperm.

Out of all the fertility/infertility cases, approximately 40% are caused by men, the most common issue include the function of testicles. Or such as hormone blockage, absence, and imbalance at the duct in male reproductive organs. You should take a male fertility test.

Alarm for Men

Besides that, man fertility could also cause by hormonal problems such as hair growth and sexual function. Here is some alarm for you if you are trying to get conceive regularly:


If you are age above 35 and you have been trying to conceive for more than six months. Or if you are over the age of 40, as many infertility problems sources from age itself. Egg freezing is recommended to the couples that want to have the baby in later in their age.

Why might I need support during egg freezing?


Take a sperm test if you are having low sperm count, you should definitely give a visit immediately. Or if you have any medical history on testicular, prostate or sexual factors.

The Physical Appearance of It

If it has any irregular conditions such as small or swelling, you should also visit immediately. Or if your family has a past history of infertility problems. IVF treatment is one of the available solutions to infertility.

Here Are Some of The Common Causes of Male Infertility

First of all, if you notice that you have abnormal sperm production during the process of sexual intercourse, you should visit the clinic immediately. Unfortunately, most of the population isn’t clear what is the normal amount of semen production. Hence, seeking out professional help is better.

Next, you should probably examine if there is any irregular issue regarding your genetic, some of them found symptoms include undescended testicles, genetic defects. Lack of sperm contributes to 15% of men’s infertility issues. It is also known as azoospermia for men that is unable to produce sperms.

The health issue is also one of the possible causes such as diabetes. Or, if you have any infections such as HIV, chlamydia or mumps. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is of the popular issue for women infertility.

Living in an urban environment that is mostly polluted increases the possibility of men infertility as well. For instance, farmers that work under the environment with constant spraying pesticides, constant exposure to radiation or chemicals.

Unhealthy habits that could cause men infertility include smoking every day, consuming alcohol spontaneously, taking marijuana or anabolic steroids. Moreover, the male patient is prescribed with medications that are to treat bacterial infections, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and depression.

Did you know, having hot tubs every day could possibly cause men infertility as well? If you take saunas and bathtubs every day, it could raise body temperature and affect sperm production.

A Woman's Journey Through Male Infertility | Psychology Today

Sadly, if you are a cancer patient that is currently undergoing related treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation, it can affect sperm production critically which causes it to become abnormal. An endometriosis specialist is suggested. Check out our website to understand more.


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