Tactics to ace your first date at Italian restaurant Kuala Lumpur

The relationship is made on the first date, especially dinner dates. However, dinner dates can be riddled with landmines, be sure not to step on it. For instance, getting food stuck on your teeth to ordering the wrong food on the menu.

However, with that being said, night event space is the perfect way to dip your toes into knowing a person. Dining out is both a social act and an act of intimacy.

14 of February is the annual holiday of love. Couples celebrate their love on this KL nightlife, which was originally a feast celebrating a saint by the name of Valentine.

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In fact, there is nothing happening at the same time about the connection between food, love, romance and the connection between these perennial entities is never stronger than on Valentine’s day at the bar near KLCC.

You may be single, but fortunately, you get a date on Valentine’s day, so now, here is a guide on how to ace your valentine’s day romantic dinner.

Tips and tricks

Romantic dining doesn’t always have to be fancy. You may be thinking to bring her to a fancy place that charges up to a hundred dollars per dish to impress her.

But it is always not the case as many people actually prefer simpler dishes. Candlelight dinner is a prerequisite for a happy and healthy valentine’s day.

Unless you have to know what your date like for fancy beforehand. It shouldn’t come as no surprise, but certain people have very specific tastes and preferences. For instance, some prefer Mediterranean dishes which can make as a romantic meal at the KL’s best place for dinner.

The trio that can’t be omitted

Cheese, wine and chocolate strawberries are a must. Happy hours in KL are the essential components of a romantic dinner. Studies suggest that females tend to have a better impression when their date brings chocolate and have wine together on their first date.

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From the expert on what should do at the restaurant

So, how to pick the perfect happy hour promotion? You may go casual and inexpensive or something that is off the beaten path. Do a little homework on the restaurant near you, looks at reviews to know if it suits for your first date.

The optimal spot to be seated for both of you at the cocktail bar is getting the best spot possible. Try not to get tucked into a corner or table that is smashed between established couples. A seat at some spot that you can get a scenic view of the night.

What should you dress at the rooftop bar in KL? You should show your manners by not wearing shorts, hats or flip-flops. Show up to your date with wearing something that makes you feel confident.

How can you sound like a pro when ordering? Sharing is a kind way to eat and such a tension breaker. Start the rooftop restaurant by ordering something that you can share. More importantly, ask about your date what they like and dislike.

Ask the server what they would have if they are fine dining restaurant there on a day off.  There is also food that you should steer away from. For instance, pasta, as the sauce can be unfriendly to your shirt.

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Everyone loves dessert, order at least for one for you to share. If there is an awkward silence comes in, how should you diffuse it? Just talk something random, ease the atmosphere at the fine dining in Kuala Lumpur.

Some psychological running

Just being together is the most important thing, as no theme was more apparent than the importance of being and doing things together. The point really speaks to just how valuable it is to be there for someone, all the other stuff aside.


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