Why You Should Pick 5 Star Hotel in Pattaya When Traveling

best hotel in pattaya

Pattaya has become one of the famous travel destinations for everyone to choose from when it comes to a tropical vacation. This coastal city is perfect for those who fancy water sports, sun tanning and most importantly, nightlife.  Pattaya also has some of the best beach resorts.

The Strategic Location

Travelling & Stay in Pattaya resort is easy as there is a dedicated airport for travellers to land onto. The travel destination is open to the public all year long.

Some may argue that Pattaya is not suitable for family travelling because of its exciting nightlife and the local culture it entails. However, Pattaya has some of the best family hotels for small to big family holiday selection.

Pattaya Beach-The Gem of Thailand

best family hotel in pattaya

The beach allows the tourist to enjoy a myriad of activities including water sports like jet ski, parasail, banana boating, parachuting. The beach pavilions at the Pattaya beach are rated some of the friendliness staff. Nonetheless, several 5-star hotel in Pattaya is the reason why people keep going back to this travel destination.

Why 5-star hotel in Pattaya? Backpackers may choose affordable staying during the holiday. But you should always pick a quality hotel, not only it is reputable and provides the best service. The most luxurious hotel has its private beach, so you do not have to fight with others for a suntan spot. The luxury hotel also provides privacy for those who wish not to get disturbed by the public.

What can you expect during the trip?

5 star hotel in pattaya

Aside from a myriad of water sports to fuel the adventurous spirit of tourists. The best food tourist can enjoy will be bbq seafood buffet Pattaya. Thailand is famous for its seafood produce, providing ample seafood that customers can feast with the different methods including bake, boil, steam, bbq and many more.

The beach resort in Pattaya allows tourists in terms of family, couples or even singles to enjoy the beauty of local attraction without much to concern. As they are many hotels provides day trip travel package.

Other than that, the resort also provides a breakfast and dinner buffet that is inclusive in the price of the stay. The hotel also brings 30 tourists for a free tour which brings them tonight shopping and sunset points.

Of course, the best resort in Pattaya has to be the top-notch quality. Not only accommodation has to be useful, but passionate staffs must well serve the tourist. Hence, staffs at such establishments are well-trained to provide the best experience to the tourist.

The verdict

Pattaya has some of the best family hotels that can satisfy the different needs of a travelling family. Such as providing a disable friendly walkway, children’s playground, and children pool.

As advertised, it is well-known that Thailand cuisines are spicy, mouth-watering and tasty. The bbq seafood buffet Pattaya can provide to the tourist is one of its own. For less than 30 USD per pax, tourist can spend 2 hours to enjoy the meal. The buffet has a bar that offers various kinds of cocktails and mocktails for tourists to sip on.

If you are a couple that wants to get some sweet time during the stay. The best resort in Pattaya can provide a unique experience, as many couples spend their time on honeymoon in Pattaya.


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