How to Look for the Best accommodations in Chiang Mai

700km north from Bangkok and you will travel to Chiang Mai. A city with the scenic valley that doubles as a mixed wonderland of ancient temples and modern buildings together. Chiang Mai has many misty mountains and energetic hill tribes which is less popular for travellers. It is also famous for shoppers and a place to hold a wedding event. There are also many hotels to stay in Chiang Mai. Once You Taste It, You Will Never Forget It There is a restaurant in Chiang Mai that combines design and substance. Tourists can enjoy Meena-based Rice cuisines that give excitement to the eye and soul to the food. The food here uses traditional methods to dye, such as using natural ingredients with butterfly pea, orange. Ideally, you wouldn’t come to Thailand to taste at a French bakery. However, this hidden French bakery in the jungle will change you forever. It bakes freshly every day, offering from French croissant, pie and Danish. Dim sum takes a different spin when it is served in Thailand. Restaurants provide a variety of dim sum, which can be smaller and finish in one bite. If you like spicy Northern Thai food, you must try the red pork curry. As it is one of the pure and authentic local cuisines. Other includes fried pork skin, Thai sausages, and the chilli sauce. Hotel Chiang Mai also provides buffets that serve different foods. The Unique Accommodation You Can Try You may want to try different hotels to stay in Chiang Mai, if you like Moroccan design, there is a Moroccan theme hotel in Chiang Mai. It offers a lounge, kitchenette, coffee machine and golden details in every hotel room. One of the highlights is the blue pattern tiles. Fans of the Chinese design? There is accommodation in Chiang Mai, a Chinese zen garden hotel that offers a big house that can be split between a big group of friends or families. Themed cuisine is also included in the hotel package as well. If you favour a luxury resort and spa, there are multiple hotel Chiang Mai offering Lanna-Balinese style cottages in a jungle setting. Tourists can also walk to the nearby waterfalls to have a swim. It guarantees a unique staying experience apart from the usual pool villas. Activities You Can Try Out The food is one of its kind in Chiang Mai. Tourist that is the die-hard lover of northern cuisine can take a cooking class. As it allows the students to visit the market and learn about the product before actually cooking. Adventurous tourists can go for a jungle trekking tour. It usually comes with a local guide that can communicate in English, bringing you to the tribal villages and natural attractions such as waterfalls. If you are travelling with a group of friends, you may go to the river cruising. It brings you past the beautiful scenery in the heart of Chiang Mai offering peace and serenity. Shopping at the famous night bazaar is a must. Hotel near night market bazaar could provide greater convenience as you can just walk to the bazaar right away. Countless stalls operate daily starting from 5 pm, offering a great variety of products such as fashion pieces, handicrafts, street massage, and food. Tourist is recommended to visit the night market bazaar as they can get a variety of goods at very affordable prices. The bazaar is usually split into different sections to let the shopper navigate easier. Hotel near night market bazaar provides Renting a scooter to replace tuk-tuk can give a one of its own experience as well.