Plan a vacation in Penang Island

Other than feasting in Penang’s hawkers' stalls, durian there are many other things to do in Penang Island such as sightseeing, street arts, beach activities and many more. Penang is a very popular destination even during the colonial time back in the days. Till this date, there are many heritage places to see as once the British army use to rule the area during the war as Penang is one of most strategic place to transport good from east to west in the world. Well, let’s get started with the best things to do while in Penang Island. Penang hill The Penang hill at 2664 feet tall above the sea level, it gives a beautiful panoramic view of the city with breath-taking, a cool breeze you will get an experience up there. At the top of the mountain, during really clear days you are able to see the mountain of Langkawi and North Kedah. It is suggested to stay a night in any Penang resort hotel at Penang hill to enjoy the view of Penang Island city.   Enjoy breath-taking meals at Gurney drive At Gurney drive, it is known for its hawker centre which is what Penang is famous for its food. Therefore, there are many stalls that are located at the seafront where you are able to enjoy the astonishing view of the sea. Gurney Drive is one of the most famous streets in Penang Island, their many resort Penang Malaysia Gurney drive along the way. Furthermore, you can stop by at the Shopping malls where many international brands are in the mall. The architecture around central Georgetown In Penang, individuals are able to experience various heritage places in Georgetown. As Penang was one once under British sovereignty. A personal favourite is definitely the Penang city hall where its architecture has a colonial vibe to it. Well, the majority of Penang’s people are the Chinese populations hence as a tourist you may experience old Chinese shophouses that are more than 8 decades ago. Aside from the blend of the colonial and Chinese architecture, there are many hotel and resort in Penang, temples, grand mansion and many other exciting places. However, one may learn more about Penang histories such as the state museum and art gallery as most of the history of the British and Japanese of Penang Secretariat was bombed and destroyed during the Japanese occupation. For tourist’s who enjoy learning about the historical area, do stay and the nearest Penang hotel in Georgetown. Visit the Fort Cornwallis being the largest and most intact fort that can be seen in Malaysia. Penang street food and hawker stalls Malaysian people from the south or Singaporeans travel all the way down to Penang just to eat the Penang’s local dishes. The variety of Chinese, Malay and Indian dishes can be found especially Char kway teow, Nasi Lemak, Banana lead are the most authentic food in Malaysia. For food lovers who wish to taste a different variety of food, do book the best hotel in Penang island Malaysia where you can feast all sort of local dishes. Head down to Penang Island beach Do stay a couple of night in any Batu Ferringhi hotel to enjoy the many activities over there. Batu Ferringhi is known as many rich people who stay in that area as many big bungalows and mansions can be seen. Moreover, there are many best beach hotel & resorts in Penang Batu Ferringhi area such as many international, reputable and high rating resorts. At Batu Ferringhi, do pay a visit at the Penang National Park where they have marked traits that leads to the jungle and bays area hence you are able to experience many different species of flora and fauna such as snakes, monkeys, dolphins and many more. Penang hotel booking is much easier now especially with the convenience of the internet. At Batu Ferringhi, along the beach, it can be seen of many restaurants, café, bars, and night markets where it comes alive at night. At the night market, there are several items such as fake designer items, local artwork, souvenirs and many more. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the morning cool sea breeze or the relaxing waves hitting the shores do it is recommended to book a beach resort with sea view. Communicating with locals As Penang has one of the oldest heritage in the country, most locals are only able to communicate in local language either in Hokkien or Bahasa Malaysia. Therefore, upon arrival, if you are staying in a hotel in Batu Ferringhi beach you may communicate with the local bus or taxi drivers in Bahasa Malaysia. A simple tip of saying in Bahasa Malaysia that the hotel in Batu Ferringhi, you may say hotel di Batu Ferringhi Pulau pinang as most of will definitely understand. Therefore, do enjoy the stay in Batu Ferringhi to enjoy the activities and site seeing.

Hotel to Stay In Kuala Lumpur City Center

Kuala Lumpur is a place that has easy access to public transport, shopping malls, bars, cafe, restaurants and business parks. Well, Kuala Lumpur the heart of Malaysia is filled with commercial places for people to enjoy the convenience. Therefore, there are various hotel Kuala Lumpur that guests are able to stay that is grand and luxurious.  Most of the reputable hotel brands are placed in Kuala Lumpur as the state has the highest population among other states in Malaysia. Therefore, some may find the best hotel in Malaysia that is able to be seen in other countries because the hotel is brand is rather reputable in the world.  In Malaysia, guests who are looking for good hotel service, food, facilities and many more. Therefore, do a lookup for 5-star hotels in Kuala Lumpur as the city is loaded with a reputable and award-winning hotel. Kuala Lumpur city area is an upper-class area in which many rich people around as the place has many business towers.  Dine-In At Kuala Lumpur Hotel Cuisine Most of the hotels specialize in a certain cuisine because of the company’s origin. For instance, if the company is from America hence the food served is mostly American food as the employees are trained by Americans. Therefore, do look upon which type of hotel buffet in KL one desires.  Hotels work the same as every other product on the market. Competition is a very common thing for businesses. The advantages are that customers are able to enjoy a hotel buffet dinner promotion or lunch promotion by the hotel. That is because hotel fights for winning the market share as well as gaining sales hence one may see hotel promotion offered by hotel companies. Check out InterContinental Hotel Kuala Lumpur's website for more information. Malaysia consists of 40% Chinese population. That being said, one is able to find a 5 Stars Chinese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur that delicious and tasty. Moreover, even people who are non-halal love eating Chinese food such as Cantonese fried noodles, curry fish head, ‘Kung Pao” chicken and many more. Most of these Chinese restaurants do sell hard-liquor, wine, and ice-cold beers. When looking for Japanese food, do a lookup for a Japanese fine dining restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. The benefits when having a fine dine at Japanese food is that one is able to experience the Japanese culture and also the freshness of the food. That is because most of the Japanese food is raw hence in fine dining one is able to get the freshest seafood that is imported from Japan.  Have the Dream Wedding in Kuala Lumpur City As more and more buildings are rising in Kuala Lumpur. Hotel businesses are taking the advantage to make money out of it because more shopping malls and businesses are rising too. Therefore, one is able to get the best wedding hotel packages Kuala Lumpur as there are many hotels are fighting for competitive advantage. Moreover, some hotel is newer hence able to enjoy new facilities.  Other than checking on the wedding hotel packages price, do look up on the offer for a room for couples and the environment to fit the wedding design. For instance, some couples prefer to have an outdoor wedding such as in the garden or having a certain country design. That being said with so many hotels to choose from in Kuala Lumpur does get started on booking a hotel space to have the dream wedding possible.

7 Tips to Buy Shoes Online

Most people in Malaysia are turning to ladies shoes online. The main reason is that online stores have a broad range of products. Therefore, you will not fail to get a perfect match for your needs regardless of your tastes and preferences. The market has virtually everything for everyone. The other advantage of buying women shoes online is the level of convenience. You can place the order from the comfort of your home or office or while on transit. The seller will deliver the shoes at your doorsteps within a short period. You can also get great deals online that allow you to buy high-quality shoes at the most affordable rates in the market. You can end up saving a lot of time and money including the cost of gas when you choose to buy your shoes online. The primary undoing is that will not have an opportunity to fit the shoes when buying heels or flat shoes online. Here are some tips that will make sure you don’t get to the disappointments of making the wrong decision. Is It worth Buy Cheap Ladies Shoes You may buy a designer shoe for women that don’t hurt your pocket but they may hurt your feet. Some poor ladies shoes are poorly manufactured and designed. Some manufacturers use cheap materials to produce cheap shoes. It is better to spend more but get a perfect shoe that will not meet your needs perfectly. You Have To Know Your Size When you buy shoes, you have to make sure that it will fit you perfectly. Be keen to examine the size and shape of your feet. If you have a weird width, go for the shoes that have a larger width. A reputable designer shoe shop will have everything for everyone. The shop will provide a description of each shoe and you should follow it carefully. Make sure you narrow down the shoe to meet your unique needs. Try Before You Purchase and Err Online You can test a few shoes in the local online stores. If the women shoes fit you perfectly, go online and see whether you will get it. If you find the exact shoe, err and make a purchase. You cannot find an exact shoe on a reputable site like Pazzion Malaysia. The secret is to take enough time in carrying out the required research. Look At The Shoes You Have Every woman has a favourite pair of shoes. Most of them may be rub free, supportive, and comfy. Take time and examine each of them and the specific shape and width. You also need to evaluate the materials that the shoes are manufactured from. Make sure you are getting the best pair of shoes especially when buying heels online. Which Brands Do You Own The models in most ladies shoe shop tend to have models of similar designs and shapes. It is useful to the user because your legs may tend to fit in a particular line of design and brand. Therefore, your feet will fit perfectly whenever a new model arrives. Buy From Reputable Ladies Shoes Shops Always remember to read the small print whenever you are buying shoes online. Check the money-back guarantee and return policy of the ladies shoe shop. You can end up with a product that you can’t return if you don’t do your homework well. Go Through the Reviews When buying ladies shoes online, you should read what the previous shoppers have to say about the shop and its products. An image does not say everything and you should read what the previous users have to say about the products.

Tactics to ace your first date at Italian restaurant Kuala Lumpur

The relationship is made on the first date, especially dinner dates. However, dinner dates can be riddled with landmines, be sure not to step on it. For instance, getting food stuck on your teeth to ordering the wrong food on the menu. However, with that being said, night event space is the perfect way to dip your toes into knowing a person. Dining out is both a social act and an act of intimacy. 14 of February is the annual holiday of love. Couples celebrate their love on this KL nightlife, which was originally a feast celebrating a saint by the name of Valentine. In fact, there is nothing happening at the same time about the connection between food, love, romance and the connection between these perennial entities is never stronger than on Valentine’s day at the bar near KLCC. You may be single, but fortunately, you get a date on Valentine's day, so now, here is a guide on how to ace your valentine's day romantic dinner. Tips and tricks Romantic dining doesn’t always have to be fancy. You may be thinking to bring her to a fancy place that charges up to a hundred dollars per dish to impress her. But it is always not the case as many people actually prefer simpler dishes. Candlelight dinner is a prerequisite for a happy and healthy valentine’s day. Unless you have to know what your date like for fancy beforehand. It shouldn’t come as no surprise, but certain people have very specific tastes and preferences. For instance, some prefer Mediterranean dishes which can make as a romantic meal at the KL's best place for dinner. The trio that can’t be omitted Cheese, wine and chocolate strawberries are a must. Happy hours in KL are the essential components of a romantic dinner. Studies suggest that females tend to have a better impression when their date brings chocolate and have wine together on their first date. From the expert on what should do at the restaurant So, how to pick the perfect happy hour promotion? You may go casual and inexpensive or something that is off the beaten path. Do a little homework on the restaurant near you, looks at reviews to know if it suits for your first date. The optimal spot to be seated for both of you at the cocktail bar is getting the best spot possible. Try not to get tucked into a corner or table that is smashed between established couples. A seat at some spot that you can get a scenic view of the night. What should you dress at the rooftop bar in KL? You should show your manners by not wearing shorts, hats or flip-flops. Show up to your date with wearing something that makes you feel confident. How can you sound like a pro when ordering? Sharing is a kind way to eat and such a tension breaker. Start the rooftop restaurant by ordering something that you can share. More importantly, ask about your date what they like and dislike. Ask the server what they would have if they are fine dining restaurant there on a day off.  There is also food that you should steer away from. For instance, pasta, as the sauce can be unfriendly to your shirt. Everyone loves dessert, order at least for one for you to share. If there is an awkward silence comes in, how should you diffuse it? Just talk something random, ease the atmosphere at the fine dining in Kuala Lumpur. Some psychological running Just being together is the most important thing, as no theme was more apparent than the importance of being and doing things together. The point really speaks to just how valuable it is to be there for someone, all the other stuff aside.

The Things Other Than Having A Romantic Dinner

Are you feeling anxious about what to do on a first date? Do you feel get in a flap that everything will be messed up by your shitty plan? Listen, from the bottom of heart, everyone has to admit that sometimes it is tough to make a decision on what needed to do on a first date, especially if the girl is something special to you. Firstly, congratulation to you that you really got the “someone” is important in your life. The next thing you got to do is challenging and you got your back. To be honest, to say, the experience in the first date is essential and determining a guarantee you for the second date or third date. This can be super nerve-wracking and for ease your panic, here is a list of tips prepared for you. From the list try to pick the tips that you favour in and you think is suitable for your current situation. Left the Past The first thing you got to do is left the past be the past. Stop sticking on worst dating experience you had and say no to staying on the cynicism.  If you are having a difficult time getting past awful dating encounters, then try to centre on what you can learn from that and improve in this dating. The first impression is vital, especially in front of someone is totally stranger for you and this is the same go to the person. Try to recall your past dating experiences. Find something that can be improved to show the very best of you in the current dating. Do not ever forget your smile on your face, nobody will fall in love with someone always look moodiness, feeling down for everything happening around. Be Cheerful Be playful in the first meet. Playful doesn’t mean you have to be clownish, be cheerful is mean you need to insert more meaningful conversation during your first met. Is normal to be panic on your first date, you know nothing about this person and no idea what is going to happen next. So remember that you got plenty of time to get know about this person, try to avoid from open the conversation with some probing questions. The aim for the first date should be nature talk, not an interrogate. Try to let things come in nature, remember what you need is a long-term relationship, not a flash dating. Choose the Right Dating Location The dating location is determining the tone you want to set for your first date. Try to pick the place that can make both of you feeling relaxed, low pleasure where can have a good conversation without any interruption. The suggestion is trying to pick the place is less noisy such as a local bar or local café, the place served in a casual environment. An engaging conversation will be easier in these places. If your budget is allowed to go for premium dating, then the Top western cuisine in KL could be on your list. There are many hip new steak houses in Malaysia. You can try to pick the steak house in Kuala Lumpur. These steak houses usually having the Best wagyu beef in Kuala Lumpur.  The special design set menu of various wagyu beef cuisines is available in these steak houses. In the checklist, the western restaurant always rated as the most popular choice for a romantic dining for the first date.  Having an open conversation with your favourite one in the best place candlelight dinner is the most blessedness things in life. Trust Yourself That You Can On your first date, you need to behave with confidence even if you don’t feel any. People usually liking the person who looks mature, trusted and feels good about everything. Before you go for your first date, do remember to give yourself a preparation talk. This action is to ensure every flow during your first date is well and make your dating partner feels that you are awesome. Body Language Be confidence in front of your dating person, first thing first you have to keep attention on your body language. Body language is representing the personality of a person. Take note for these few things: Make sure you have the eye contact in the conversation, put more smile on your face when speaking, do not crossing your arm when sitting because it will let people think that you are not concentrating or feeling unsafe in the conversation.

Six Type of Best Pizza to Test Your Knowledge to Everyone Favourites

Detroit Is More than Just Pizza Just by its shape, Detroit style pizza is one of its kinds. Compare to usual round pizza, this pizza is rectangular in shape. This pizza is topped with Wisconsin brick cheese that gives a unique bite of crunch. The pizza is also surprisingly fluffy thanks to the thick crust. Pizza is usually based with a tomato related sauce to provide a cushion. Contrary to that, Detroit style pizza starts with the brick cheese then only the sauce. Online food delivery in Malaysia has made consuming pizza easier than ever. French Baguette Pizza For those who want to mimic pizza with a budget and those who don’t have a big kitchen. Pizza home delivery is one of the options or using French bread to replace the dough is a clever move. As simple pizza toppings can just be thrown on the bread. The food can be finished in less than 10 minutes' time. Providing most convenient for late to a class college student. You can get these delicacies around the food truck of your area. Prepare to Get Mad About Fried Pizza Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong; it is a fried pizza delivery food near me. Don’t worry about your cholesterol and calories, it is not tossing the whole pizza into the batter and deep-fried. But it is much nuanced. There are two types of fried pizza that originate from Naples. One is pizza fritter which is the same as a fried calzone, the dough is flash-fried then only it gets topped with sauce and cheese. Baking it at scratching high temperature to finish it off, giving it a pillowy crust texture. You Can Grilled Chicken, Why Don’t You Grill A Pizza? One of the rarest type of pizza because this doesn’t require an oven. This non-traditional pizza is really like cooking grilled food, brushing the pizza surface with oils. Turning it frequently before putting on the toppings. Until the crust forms, it is super-crunchy, oily and charred. Now you have another way of making pizza during the barbeque party. Indian Is More Than Just Curry Unlike the usual cheese and sauce pie, Indian style pizza can be made using a naan dough to form a crust. Swapping the usual ingredients such as pepperoni pizza to tandoori chicken and chutney. Neapolitan pizza can be known as the founding pizza. The dough uses to make the pizza takes a few hours to a few days of fermentation to give off a soft and easy to cheer mouthfeel. The toppings are placed with fresh tomatoes, herbs, and veggies with a thin layer of sauce. Whereas New York pizza is hand-tossed and seasoned with a heavy layer of sauce. The verdict of The Pizza Finale No matter what kind of pizza you prefer, Domino's Pizza delivery can fulfil your needs, with a few taps on your mobile device nowadays, the food can be delivered to your home swiftly. Online order pizza has become a trend for those who do not want to travel out to get pizza. Moreover, it also provides a great discount to attract people to order. Most of the pizza restaurant in KL allows customers to allocate themselves and know the distance between them and the store. GPS data are needed in order to function. Major pizza restaurant franchise in Malaysia perform many promotional activities to encourage customers to have takeaway pizza near me as the store cannot perform delivery during peak time because of the low labour resource.

Things You Should Remember When Picking The Bangkok Hotel

In this age of countless choices, it is often difficult to decide where to stay during the vacation. Bangkok, a popular tourist destination in many eyes of tourists, it is a metropolis that filled with a lot of interactive attraction and also fascinating Bangkok hotel. However, to make the right decision on picking which Bangkok hotel to stay during your Thailand trip might be a little bit challenging. There are so many accommodations options are available around this city. Choices are great, but if there are too many choices, it may get overwhelming. When you are deciding to book a hotel during your Bangkok trip, there are so many things you need to do. It is so important to have a good plan before that to choose the best hotel for your trip. It is not the most exciting part, but you have to do this to avoid getting any regret. So, here are the things you should check them out before you make your final decision. By following these steps, you will help yourself to save a lot of time and frustration. Filter your staying place No matter what hotel you pick to stay during your vacation, the first thing to do is filter all the information about the hotel. In Bangkok, there are so many hotels that are the so-called “gay-friendly hotel”, which means that this kind of hotel warmly welcomes lesbian or gay customers. The service of the gay-friendly accommodation in Bangkok usually emphasizes on the gay or lesbian customer. Every single of the services available in this type of hotel often is looking at things from their perspective. So, if you are sensitive to this issue, then you should try to check out the hotel information before you lay your back on their bed. You should never need to worry about this issue because there is still have a particular boutique hotel in Bangkok is not welcoming this culture. Checking the price  If you are tight in budget, the first thing you will need to do is check the staying price of the boutique hotel. Spend on hotels that according to your trip budget. When it is necessary, you can also give a try of hotels near BTS in Bangkok. This will help you to take the transport more accessible, and also help you to achieve a money-saving trip. You can also book the hotels near BTS of Bangkok through the online booking service. Nowadays, there are so many hotels that around the world is providing this kind of service to their customers. Some of the time, these hotels will also offer a perfect deal for their customers during the peak season. Know what is important for you Before you make any decision, you should clear about the reason behind why you will pick the hotel to stay. If you do not know what you want from a hotel, or where you want to go, then it will be harsh for you to get the best decision. For example, if you plan to visit the shopping mall in Bangkok, then booking the hotels near Skytrain will be better for your trip experience.  By staying at hotels near Skytrain will get you high accessibility to get to a few best shopping malls in this town. Other than that, by staying at the hotel near public transport will also allow you easier to reach the famous Bangkok restaurant for local food. If you are a local food lover, then the Bangkok restaurant sure is a must-do list in your journey schedule.

Reason Why Small Business Need a Corporate Video Production

The rise of using video in content marketing is no secret anymore as countless of best event company in Malaysia has been using this medium to expand their business. For your information, YouTube is now the second-largest search engine on the web. As a small business owner, you definitely need to know the value of using this platform to expand your business into your content marketing plan. It may sound ridiculous but for small business, video marketing really did open up the doors to opportunities and entertain your customers while educating them at the same time. Despite its prevalence growth, yet many small company operators still seem to shy away from using this powerful marketing tool to their business. Here are the reasons why your small business must take theses opportunity by harnessing the energy by hiring the top videographer in Malaysia for video marketing. 1. Have a Better Rank SEO First and foremost, the utilization of video in content marketing will improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) without a single doubt. In fact, the additions of your videos to your website are able to increase the chance of a front-page Google result up to 53 times. And of course, that is when if you do it the right way. Numerous video production companies in Malaysia are spending a lot of time on the website to create quality content to capture and hold the visitor attention. All the business would have to do capitalize on his spot in order to make sure the link to their website on the video itself and with the description as well to increase more traffic to the website. 2. Strong Consumer Attention Now you know that video has been proven that is able to create and leave a striking impact on consumer attention than any other medium. The video-sharing sites namely YouTube has made it easy to share the video using a link to the video or the embed code provided by the sites. This will make the people are more likely to share your fabulous corporate video on their Facebook page, blog and other social media account. Ask any film production company in Malaysia, they are more preferable to use YouTube to promote their artwork as they know it able to captivate the viewers.  Besides, any business that includes the videos on their site will generally see a higher engagement rate, higher conversion rates and higher click-through rates if the content is able to fascinate the visitors. If you are able to create and convey a meaningful message with your video, then you don’t have to make it as your life mission to share the video. You could easily have any corporate video production company in Malaysia to help you to promote your video as well. 3. Stand Out From the Competition Undoubtedly, video plays a vital part in content marketing and it is going to become more essential tools for business. In fact, there is 80 per cent of people who watch video ads are able to recall back it even a month later. Whilst, there is 12 per cent of people will purchase the product from the ads. Here and now, can you say the same thing about every blog post and social media update that had read? The answer is likely to be no.  Finding ways to outshine your competitors and showcase your creativity can seem to be like a daunting task. However, if you are able creating amazing content that able to grab the attention of the viewer in a flash, then it could make a big difference in your everyday business. Moreover, many event companies in Malaysia tried to stand out from their competitors by creating a different kind of concepts for videos in return for the positive feedback from the viewers. 4.  Showcase Your Brand Personality Indeed, when it comes down to it, video marketing is all about how you branding. In order to humanize your brand, use video to connect with the audience with as close as possible for better interaction. By using the video to showcase your brand’s personality helps the visitors on your website achieve a better understanding of who you are and what is the value that you provided. It indirectly builds mutual trust and a special kind of connection that is one of the reasons that keep the viewers coming back. Many of the event management company in KL using the video to educate the viewer and also help the viewer to get a sense of what your company does. When you get to build trust with your audiences, it will make things easier for your business. Believe it or not, it is definitely going to help your small business to grow tremendously through video marketing.